Tradition of Excellence TOE Book 1 - Percussion

Tradition of Excellence TOE Book 1 - Percussion

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Tradition of Excellence is a flexible performance-centered band method that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary pedagogy, instrument-specific DVD's, and the cutting-edge interactive practice studio technology. Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin present a systematic comprehensive musicianship curriculum that is second-to-none. Time-tested approaches * Three unique starting systems * Differentiated instruction and learning allowing you to customize your teaching * Pedagogically sound two-page lessons * sounds-before-symbol rhythm introduction * Scales, technical studies, chop builders, warm-ups, rhythm studies, and sight-reading * Solos, duets, rounds, band pieces, and ensembles, including three built-in concert programs Today's trends * comprehensive Standards-based curriculum * Color coding connects new concepts with the music * Rhythm introductions adaptable to any counting system * Nine-page Oboe starting system * Expanded Horn book with F and B fingerings * All-in-one Percussion book * Repertoire from across time and around the world * Built-in written and performance assessment * Theory, composition, ear training, improvisation, orchestration, conducting, and history in every student book * Historical and interdisciplinary worksheets and teaching guides * Ready-to-use lesson plans * Multiple -option ensemble scoring * Comprehensive, easy-to-use Conductor Score * Score Companion: Teaching Band with Excellence: a Comprehensive Curricular, Pedagogical, and Administrative Resource-an indispensable aid to the teacher. Tomorrow's Technology * Revolutionary Interactive Practice Studios and Interactive Teacher Studio that offer intuitive virtual student and teacher environments * State-of-the-art accompaniment recordings * Instrument-specific DVDs containing video lessons, accompaniments, and importable audio files * Downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, and editable forms * Interactive whiteboard-ready * Subscription-based SmartMusic support

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Publisher: Kjos
Composer: Bruce Pearson/Ryan N
Arranger: Ryan Nowlin
Pages: 0